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  • Rose Thermos

    To the high class consumers, we are introducing our high quality products, under ‘Rose’ brand name, with its modern designs, which manufactured according to the highest international standards.

    Be inspired as Rose Thermos can also beautify your world and your home. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of Thermos and Flesk products, which are distributed worldwide.

Your World with Rose

    • Living

      We make sure that your favorite beverage stays hot or cold for as long as possible.

    • Corporate

      Are you always on the go? Then you need the matching flask to accompany you with your favorite beverage or a snack.

    • Garden

      Sit back and relax on your garden: in your favorite colors, We also have them for your indoor plants.

    • Desert

      A cooling element that is simply inserted into the stainless steel bottom guarantees of refreshingly cool drinks.

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