Recently, many imitated & fake thermoses have been spread out in markets which imposed the reality of an unaware consumer who can’t recognize the original thermos, and easily falls victim to commercial fraud which has been spread out in all markets today.

In light of the importance of thermoses as one of the food & beverages contacting products besides it is considered to be one of the products which are used on daily basis to keep our drinks hot in personal uses or hospitality, we asked our experts about the secrets of knowing the original products in order to increase the awareness of buyers and help them avoid any harmful-copied product that might affect their health.


The original thermoses

Rose Thermos | the original thermos

The disaster behind imitated thermoses isn’t limited to stealing or faking the design of the brand but it extends to the merchants’ lack of conscience and their greed as they want to achieve the highest profits at the expense of the health of the consumers by reducing the cost of production severely even if it comes to using inferior-carcinogen raw materials. So, you must be extremely careful while purchasing thermoses because it might affect the health of yourself & your family.  

In fact, you may find high and poor-quality products at the same store. So, it’s crucial to be able to recognize and detect the original or high-quality products from the copied ones, and to do so, you can follow some specific criteria while selecting the thermoses to ensure its accordance to the specifications of food-contacting products.    

The features of the original thermos

  • The original thermos is characterized by its healthy raw materials, freeness of Asbestos and carcinogenic substances, and made in accordance with international standards. Well-reputed & famous brands will always keep the health of their customers as a first priority. 
  • The original thermos is also characterized by its high quality, so it's the top in preserving the temperature & taste of drinks, thanks to the pure silicon sealings, rose glass & durable outer plastic. Unlike, inferior thermoses which may leak some of your drinks from one of its sides as a result of its rubber sealings & poor materials.
  • The original thermoses always consider using safe criteria, that’s why they use high quality & pure silicon sealings to avoid leaking which may cause serious burns in case the drink was too hot. Conveniently,  you can serve your coffee or tea safely.

How can you recognize the original thermos?

Fraudsters and the makers of imitated thermoses made it difficult to recognize the copied thermoses from the original ones. Accordingly, we will give you some tips to help you detect them:
Rose Thermos | the name of brand is engraved on the thermos base

  • Ensure that the name of the thermos brand is engraved on the base of the thermos, as it is followed by worthy brands.
  • Ensure that the name of the thermos brand is printed on the handle of the product, as it is followed by the majority of the brands.
  • Make sure that the body of the thermos is cohesive, because this is a common defect in the inferior thermos, which has a beautiful appearance, while it leaks from its body.
    Rose Thermos | Ensure the pink color of the thermos
  • Examine the color of the thermos internal glass and make sure it is really pink or rose-colored, not just a reflection of something pink inside the thermos, so we recommend removing anything inside the thermos flask to be able to inspect the glass color better.
  • Make sure that the cap is tightly sealed. Otherwise, the thermos won’t keep the temperature leading the drink to leak from the cap.Rose Thermos | Scan the barcode to get more information
  • Scan the barcode of the thermos with your smartphone to get more information about the products and verify it is original.
  • Make sure that the cap’s sealing of the thermos you’re going to buy isn’t made of poor quality rubber that might affect your health, cause leakages and change the taste of your drinks.
  • Search for the list of official agents and distributors on the website of the brand you want to purchase from, to make sure that you are purchasing the original product.


  • Be sure that you're keeping drinks in original thermoses (Dallah), as there are imitated thermoses and you may fall victim to commercial fraud which has been spread out in all markets today.
  • Make sure that you are purchasing the original thermos because buying a cheap thermos with poor quality looks a good deal at first, but your health and your family will pay the cost.
  • be careful of imitation, you can also learn more about the ways to price thermoses and the secrets behind the spread of cheap thermoses in markets.