The thermoses prices in markets are considered to be one of the most topics that customers usually talk about as some of them seek the cheapest products to buy and use for Arabic coffee, in the meantime, they don’t pay much attention to its features or manufacturing specifications which may cause very harmful effects on the health of themselves and their families, especially that thermoses are daily-used products. Thus, how thermoses are being priced or based on which criteria and why there are big differences between their prices in markets. That’s what we are going to present in the following lines.



The prices of the thermoses in markets

Rose Thermos | the prices of thermoses

Thermoses are available in markets in many different types and shapes, so you need to be aware of these types before deciding to purchase the product. You should also know how to buy the best thermos, you can read this article about how to recognize the original thermos to be able to judge the quality of the thermos before purchasing it.
The prices of thermoses differ according to:

  1. Quality of its performance.
  2. Adherence to health standards.
  3. The thermos design.
  4. warranty period.
  5. The trademark of the product.

1- Performance quality

Let’s speak first about the meaning of quality to all types of thermoses, whether tea thermoses or coffee. Quality means adherence to the declared specifications of the product and how good it does its functions for the longest period of time. Quality has the following dimensions:

  • Performance: means the thermos’s ability to preserve temperatures for the longest time, you can know more about the best thermoses in preserving the temperature.
  • Meeting standards: means adherence to the international specifications in terms of requirements, raw materials, and quality tests.
  • Strength and durability mean the ability of the thermos to withstand the face of various environmental factors while retaining its color and functional ability after repeating daily use.
  • Aesthetics: The thermos which we use in serving Arabi Coffee or any other drink is required to have a beautiful and luxurious design to suit various purposes such as home hospitality, workplaces, or outings, in addition to regular household use.


2- Adherence to health standards

RoseThermos  | Adherence to health standards

When we talk about adherence to health standards, we mean the following points:

- The thermos manufacturing:

- Using healthy raw materials: you must make sure that the thermos is made of non-harmful materials, and doesn’t contain carcinogenic asbestos.

- The cover and accumulated bacteria: the press flask is more difficult to clean, due to the difficulty of accessing and cleaning the internal components of the pump, while the flip-cap thermos is better in regards to this aspect.

- Bacteria accumulation inside the thermos: internal components lack tightness and may cause the accumulation of bacteria into the cap or inside the thermos itself -in the space between the outer body of the thermos and the inner bottle.

- Make the thermos using components that withstand high temperatures without interacting with the drink: there are some flasks that change the taste of the drink due to the reaction of poor rubber used in manufacturing, and the alternative is to use pure silicon in the manufacture of parts that have direct contact with drinks.

- Thermos design:

Be sure to buy a thermos that you can easily clean its internal parts to avoid any bacteria formation that may get directly into the drinks and cause harmful effects on health.

- Not using asbestos in the thermal insulation system:

You should look for brands that do not use asbestos in the thermal insulation system inside the thermos, due to the serious health damages that may be caused by when asbestos in the manufacture of the thermos.


3- The thermos design

The design of the thermos is one of the most important factors that we consider when purchasing the product because we often use thermoses in-home hospitality, picnics, workplaces … etc.

Unfortunately, there are so many poor brands that provide to the market poor-quality products and steel the designs of other top-quality brands. Those unethical practices may cause some confusion between the fake copied products and the original ones. 

Thus, when you decide to purchase a thermos, make sure to buy the original product to avoid any health problems to yourself and your family, by checking the brand of the product and making sure that the brand is providing a proper quality for safe usage.


4- The warranty period

Rose Thermos | warranty period

Warranty of the product means the ability to repair, maintain, or replace a damaged part of that product for free (without paying any fees) from the agent or distributor you bought the product from.


5- Product trademark

What is the meaning of purchasing thermoses that are manufactured by a well-known brand in the market?

  • Healthy thermos: Reliable brands use safe and high-quality materials in the manufacturing process of thermoses, and they consider it one of the basic values ​​of their work. While cheap-copied thermoses are usually made of inferior and poor-quality materials that may affect the customers’ health
  • High-quality thermos: The well-known brands cannot damage their reputation and manufacture inferior products, because the experiences of their customers are the backbone of their reputation, and the reputation is the capital of any well-established brand.
  • Providing a real warranty on products and good after-sale services.
  • The right price: Of course, the higher quality of the thermos, makes its price high, but fortunately, the big brands can provide high quality at an affordable price, due to their ability to produce large quantities at a lower cost, which makes them able to sell at lower prices.


The bottom line: How to purchase
a thermos at a suitable price

  • Buying cheap products may expose you and your family to health risks. So, you must make sure that the products that are in direct contact with food and drinks are adherent to health standards. For instance, you may learn more about the major health risks when using Asbestos in thermos manufacture.
  • Buying cheap products independently of quality means losing one of the quality standards that we talked about. Either the performance is not good, or the product does not meet the international specifications and requirements when the raw materials used in the product are cheap to reduce the cost price; You will have to purchase a new thermos every one or two months.
  • The cheap thermos is sold with a false warranty, and you will not find them in the event that you need to maintain the thermos or change the inner glass, while the real warranty saves the cost of buying a new thermos, so it is very important.
  • So, you shouldn’t compromise on these dimensions while you are thinking about the right price even if you do not suffer a loss by buying a poor product, but be always the winner even by paying a higher purchase cost for a healthy product whose quality is worth