The manufacture of coffee Dallah is a long-standing industry with a deep history, and there were many types of Dallah have been spread long ago, but the industry has been developed too much because of its position as one of the heritage symbols that cannot be erased by years, at the past and present Dallah is a symbol of generosity and hospitality in every Arab home.

Especially after the modern thermos was spread with its elegant shape and properties that facilitated the Arabic Coffee serving, and made a quantum leap in the Dallah world, So let us take you on a tour around the types of Dallah in the past and present and the attributes of the best Dallah you can purchase.


“Dallah” meaning in Arabic

The word “Dallah” was not found in the ancient Arabic language dictionaries, But it was derived from the word “Dalwa” which mean in the language of Levant people the bucket we use to pull the water up to us, while the pot we use to make the coffee is called “Rakwa” in Arabian Peninsula.

But as a result of crafting Dallah in the Levant first, the people of Damascus called it “Dalwa”, then “Dallah” was known by its current name now.

The types of branded “Dallah”

The quality of the ancient “Dallah” was known by its signature which stamped on its body, this mark was carrying the name of the brand, for instance, the most famous signified Dallah:
Rose thermos | coffee pot | Raslan coffee Dallah

Raslan’s “Dallah”: It is one of the most famous “Dallah” that were manufactured in the Levant, ِand after that Ruslan’s sons made “Dallah”. Then, a lot of factories imitated “ Raslan Dallah”, but the original one still marked by Ruslan signature, Nowadays the original and imitated still sold up to now, while you can detect the original by its signature.

Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Ibrahim's Dallah

Ibrahim’s Dallah: Ibrahim was one of Ruslan’s sons,  you can know Ibrahim's Dallah by his signature, It is still sold in the Public auctions and its price is thousands of Dollars.

The best types of ancient “Dellahs”

In the past, “Dallah” was manufactured from red Copper or yellow, but the red copper was the best, as it’s known by its quality, while the “Dallah” was known by the luster of the copper, and whenever more luster that means that the type of the copper is very good.

You can find in these following the best past types of “Dallah”:

Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Dallah hasaweya

  • “Al Hasaweya”: as it appears from its name, it was manufactured in “Al-Ehsaa”, and it was one of the best “Dallah” used in Saudi Arabia.
    Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Al quorasheya Dallah
  • “Al Quorasheia”: which was made in “Makkah”, and attributed to the “Quraysh” tribe, characterized by its good quality and varied shapes.
    Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Al Hejazeia Dallah
  • “Al Hejazeia”: which was made in Hejaz, was known for its high-quality and distinctive shape, so people bought it and became known throughout the kingdom.
    Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Al Hayleya Dallah
  • “Al Hayleya”: which was made in “Hayel”, known for its quality and the accuracy of manufacturing, so it was known as the most beautiful “Dallah” in Saudi Arabia.
    Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Al Baghdadeya Dallah
  • “Al Baghdadeya”: It was an Iraqi “Dallah” made in “Baghdad”, and spread in Iraq and the Gulf region in general.
    Rose Thermos | Coffee pot | Al Hemseya Dallah
  • “Al Hemseya”: It was a Syrian Dallah made in “Homs”, It was spread out in Syria, at first, but after that, it was moved to Saudi Arabia, it was cheaper than all types which we mentioned, so it was quickly spread in Saudi homes.
    Rose Thermos | coffee pot | Al Assaf Dallah
  • “Al Assaf”: it was made of stainless steel in Korea, It was a need because “Dallahs” had to be Scrubbed after using for several months, so as not to change the taste of the coffee, but Al Assaf Dallah was known as it is handy and there is no need to scrub it but you can replace by a new one.

The types of Dallah according to its usage in coffee preparation

The coffee was always the buddy of Arabs, and you can see at their gatherings, even if they go out for trips or hunting, coffee was the best companion.

Making Arabic coffee took more than one stage, at the first we add the coffee to the boiled water, then we let it boil, after fizz, we add the spices, like cardamom and saffron, then we pour it into “Dallah”, so Arab made Dallah to each stage, as follows:

  • “Al Metbakha”: which we place on the embers, and put the boiled water into, so it was the biggest Dallah in Dallahs’ group, It had also heavyweight so that it can cook coffee well and can withstand the heat of embers for a long period.
  • “Al Mesfaia”: It was a medium-sized Dallah in which we add coffee after putting the boiled water.
  • “Al Mebhara”: in which we add the spices to the coffee, put the spices in the bottom of “Dallah”, and add the coffee to it, so it was lighter than “Al Metbakha”.
  • “Al Mazalla”: It was “Dallah” in which we serve the coffee to the guests, and characterized by its small size, lightweight, and elegant shape.

Names of the parts of “Dallah”

Rose Thermos | Names of the parts of Dallah

Dallah consists of these parts:

  • The bottom of “Dallah”
  • “Al Gorn”
  • “Al Masab”
  • “Al Kort”
  • “Al Akrab”
  • “Akkouz El Dallah”
  • “Allohaj”

But always the Hasaweya Dallah without Akrab.

Know more about: the best way to use your thermos.

Dallah of coffee development

In the past, Dallah had to go to its maker, he scrubbed it otherwise the taste of coffee might have changed, but the cost of this process was very expensive as it equals approximately its price, but now there is no need to do that with modern Dallah.

The modern Dallah or the thermos can keep the coffee temperature for long hours, which makes Arabic coffee serving easy for the housewife, as she has no need to re-heat it or prepare more, she can also prepare different types of coffee to suit all guests, thermos can also keep the drink hot even with long travel hours.

Dallah today is available in many shapes and modern colors, and some have the old shape of Dallah which reflects the originality so that you can serve Arabic coffee in a way that combines luxury with originality.

Ancient “Dallah” collectors still consider it as the originality, adhere to habits symbol, but they also use the top thermoses in preserving temperature for hospitality as it keeps the Arabic coffee temperature for long times and retains its taste.

The types of “Dallah” in the markets

Rose Thermos | Dallah

The Arabic coffee was and still strongly present in Arab gatherings, as Arabic coffee serving within hospitality is a habit that was cherished by Arabs.

Certainly, with the development of coffee types,  the types and shapes of Dallah were developed, and the ancient types of Dallah such as Al Hesaweya,  Al Baghdadeya becomes a rare heritage piece, and many types of the coffee flask are well known, such as:

  • German thermoses.
  • Japanese thermoses.
  • Chinese thermoses.
  • Turkish thermoses.
  • Spanish thermoses.

There are thermoses made from stainless and thermos made from glass, you can within this link know more about the Pros and Cons of stainless and glass thermos, so that you can choose the best for you.

The attributes of the best Dallah

You must be sure that there are the following qualities in the Dallah before you purchase:

  • You must be sure that “Dallah” is original and not imitated, within ensuring its manufacture is made by a well-reputed brand in the market today, you can within this link know more about how you can recognize the original thermos?
  • You must ensure that “Dallah” is made in accordance with international standards in terms of quality & healthy requirements, and the freeness of carcinogenic asbestos, you can within this link know more about how to ensure that “Dallah” does not contain asbestos, you must also avoid the cheap imitated thermoses which may harm your health or your family health.
  • You must choose a Dallah shape in which you can clean its interior components, for protection from bacteria that harm your health and change the taste of the coffee, you can within this link know more about how to clean the thermos and get rid of unwanted smells.
  • You must ensure cohesion of the Dallah components to prevent the coffee leak inside “Dallah” without you noticing, which causes rust of the thermos interior components.
  • The shape of Dallah is one of the important specifications when you want to purchase a “Dallah”, especially that there are amazing “Dallah” combine the original shape of Dallah with luxury, you must choose luxuriousness shapes to suit the hospitality purposes.


  • There were a lot of types of ancient “Dallah”, which have been rare and sold now in thousands of dollars at public auctions, such as Al Hasaweya, Al Hayleya, Al Qorasheia, Al Baghdadeya, Al Hegazeya, Alhemseia, and Al Assaf.
  • The Dalah industry has been developed and became able to keep the drink without losing its temperature for long hours, which makes its preparation easier now.
  • You must choose high-quality & original Dallah to keep your drink temperature, and don’t harm your health or your family’s health, so be sure to purchase an original Dallah which belongs to a well-known brand in markets today.

Now you have enough information about “Dallah” types, and how it was developed from the past up to now in markets, you can also choose the best Dallah to purchase after you have known its attributes.