?How to Keep Your Drinks Hot 
?Which Thermos Should You Choose

People used to enjoy hot drinks at all times and places because they had this special magic that made their times sweeter. In addition to their Special taste, they are excellent for their health benefits, which have an impact on both their physical and mental health, as well as their psychological well-being.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with energizing and nutrient-rich drinks, some of which will give you an energy boost and make you feel more vital, along with some that are beneficial to your health. Additionally, we will give you tips on how to pick the right thermos to keep drinks warm.


Types of hot drinks and their benefits:

Many wonderful hot drinks vary in their benefits and routine of consumption:

Fennel drink with anise is considered one of the best hot drinks in the morning, as it helps prevent recurrent sore throats

Ginger is good for the liver and helps burn fats.

Cinnamon has a powerful effect when it comes to burning fats, it’s also considered a drink that raises body temperature, stimulates blood circulation, and helps to feel warm.

Green tea is well known; It is considered one of the most important drinks during intermittent fasting and helps boost the immune system.

Chamomile tea is a useful drink that helps to relax and calm the nerves. It is considered one of the best drinks that helps sleep.

Hibiscus is one of the hot drinks that lowers pressure and keeps it within the normal range. It is worth mentioning that there is no truth to the saying that cold hibiscus lowers pressure while hot hibiscus raises pressure! Both of which have a positive effect in reducing high pressure.

Karak tea (masala tea) has many health benefits, such as preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Pink Kashmiri tea is known for its ten health benefits, including preventing cancer and treating depression.

Fennel drinks with anise: It's considered one of the best hot drinks in the morning, as it helps prevent sore throats.

Many wonderful drinks can be consumed in the winter, but remember that recent studies recommend not consuming hot drinks with a temperature higher than 60 degrees Celsius to avoid the risk of esophageal cancer (May Allah bless you)

Why do hot drinks cool faster in cold weather?

There is a phenomenon known as heat exchange, through which heat transfers from hot objects to cold ones, so if you put two cups of iced water and hot coffee in a barren desert - where the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius - you will find that the water has gradually lost its coolness and has become hotter, while the coffee has warmed up and got colder.

This happens at a faster pace in the winter. The temperature of a cup of coffee ranges on average from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, while the room temperature on a cold winter night may reach less than 20 degrees. Here, coffee quickly loses its temperature to gain the same room temperature, and the same applies to any other hot drink.


How to keep your drinks hot as long as possible?

In the cold weather, keeping hot drinks is not easy, but some tricks can help:

1) Cover the cup before drinking.

2) You can use a scarf to cover and warm the outside surface of the mug.

3) Consider using a handmade wool scarf that can be sewn to fit your cup or mug.

4) Using a disposable Styrofoam cup may be a good idea; it retains heat better compared to other types.

There are more sustainable solutions, such as thermoses that preserve heat through vacuum insulation, that may be more practical or fit your lifestyle.

In addition to being the best solution, they are the safest and most practical, as well as keeping your drink hot for hours.


What are the best thermoses for keeping heat?

There are different types of thermoses, each with its specifications, sizes, and models to meet the needs of each member of the family.

When buying a thermos, you may fall into the trap of buying a fake one by mistake, so how can you differentiate between an original and a fake thermos?

Tips for choosing the original thermoses:

1) When buying a thermos, be sure it comes from a brand that adheres to safe health standards.

2) Make sure to choose thermoses whose lids are made of healthy silicone, not rubber.

3) Test the consistency and stability of the parts of the thermos to make sure that there is no looseness in the parts.

4) The pink color in the inner glass vial is the best choice for your family's health.


5) The thermoses should not be too light or heavy, the weight should be ideal.

6) The Black dots inside the flask are a warning sign of the presence of the carcinogenic substance asbestos. Make sure that the inner glass is free of such marks.

7) After purchasing a thermos, it can be tested by adding boiling water, waiting for a certain period, then measuring the temperature of the water using a thermometer, and comparing the recorded temperature with the manufacturer's standards.


Choosing a new thermos: glass or stainless?

Many are wondering when choosing between types of thermoses, which is better?

Some people prefer glass thermos, while others prefer stainless steel thermoses, so What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

The Advantages of the stainless thermos:

  • The ability to withstand shocks.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Suitable for travel and camping activities.

The Disadvantages of stainless thermos:

  • As time goes on, calcifications and leaks develop.
  • Some types of stainless steel might interact with drinks.
  • Some types may negatively affect the taste of drinks.
  • Stainless steel is a good conductor and heat leaks out over time, so it is not considered the best option in cold weather, hence glass thermoses remain one of the best types of thermoses that preserve the taste and temperature of the drink because of their multiple advantages.

The advantages of glass thermoses:

1) It is considered the safest choice because the inner glass of the thermos does not interact with the liquids inside.

2) Easy to clean, easy to replace the inner glass.

3) Preserve the original taste.

4) It’s More healthy when compared to other thermoses types.

5) Longer heat preservation compared to stainless steel.

6) Thermos glass can be repaired if it is broken by replacing it with a new one.

7) Removing odors from glass thermoses only takes a few minutes.


How do you get the best performance out of a thermos?

Three simple steps are required to keep drinks hot as long as possible in the new thermoses:

1) Choose a glass thermos whose lids are made of healthy silicone.

2) Close the lid of the thermos well after pouring the drink.

3) If the thermos has been used for a long time, the base should be tightened well after it has been used.


  • There are many great hot drinks that you can drink that offer many health benefits.
  • Beverages lose their temperature at a faster rate in the winter due to heat leakage.
  • Simple tricks can be used to prevent heat leaks, but these tricks aren't always the best option.
  • Make sure to follow a set of rules that will help you choose authentic thermoses over inferior and imitative ones.
  • As compared to stainless thermoses, glass thermoses are more efficient and retain heat longer.
  • You can follow the Rose thermos guide to choose the right thermos for your needs and lifestyle.